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UnikoinGold UnikoinGold

-0.94 -21.77%
Market Yüzdesi 0.11%
Bugün Açılış TL4.30
Son 24s Düşük TL3.30
Son 24s Yüksek TL4.33
İşlenen Miktar 1,000,000,000 UKG
Toplam Miktar 1,000,000,000 UKG
Market Kapasitesi TL3,364,348,185
24s Hacim (koin) 0 UKG
24h Hacim (para birimi) TL0
Son Güncelleme 2018-01-16 07:35:26

Unikrn is an e-sports entertainment and betting platform that will leverage the Ethereum blockchain to provide the users an easier and efficient way to obtain e-sports products and services. The Unikrn platform already has one token (Unikoin) used to buy products and participate on the platform (it will be replaced by the UnikoinSilver token). The team is now planning to create a utility token named as UnikoinGold (UKG), that will ease the use of the reward system implemented to benefit users who bet on e-sports. Furthermore, UKG token will also be used on a new skill-based betting platform.

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