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Toplam Market Kapasitesi TL3,150,588,520,747
Toplam 24s Hacim TL12,501,657,880

Enigma Enigma

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Market Yüzdesi 0.09%
Bugün Açılış TL22.76
Son 24s Düşük TL18.40
Son 24s Yüksek TL23.01
İşlenen Miktar 150,000,000 ENG
Toplam Miktar 150,000,000 ENG
Market Kapasitesi TL2,918,637,917
24s Hacim (koin) 0 ENG
24h Hacim (para birimi) TL0
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Enigma is a decentralized data marketplace, that guarantees the privacy of their users' shared data cryptographically. Enigma’s computational model is based on an optimized version of secure multi-party computation, backed by a verifiable secret-sharing scheme. For storage, Enigma uses a modified distributed hashtable for holding secret-shared data. An external blockchain is utilized as the controller of the network. It manages access control, identities and serves as a tamper-proof log of events. Security deposits are required and fees are charged in order to incentivize operation, correctness and fairness in the system. ENG is an Ethereum-based ERC 20 token that serves as currency on Enigma's network.

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